Homes & Orphanages


Helping rebuild lives through 18 dedicated Homes and Orphanages across Pakistan

Edhi Foundation has set-up 18 homes all over Pakistan that give more than 8,500 people, from young boys and girls to elderly men and women, a fighting chance at a comfortable life.

Living in these exclusive Edhi Homes and Orphanages are abandoned and orphan boys and girls, mentally retarded and physical disabled people, shelter-less and helpless males and females, and tortured women who live in the aftermath of domestic violence. Here, they are given a clean and safe environment in which to grow and rebuild their lives.


Edhi himself often visits with the residents of the orphanages called “Edhi Homes”, where he is very fond of playing and laughing with the children. A short, strongly built man in his early seventies, with a flowing beard and a ready smile, Edhi is popularly called “Nana” (Grandfather) by the residents of “Edhi Homes”.

The number of Edhi Homes and Orphanages which have been established in different cities of Pakistan are stated here as—Karachi 7, Multan 1, Lahore 3, Islamabad 1, Peshawar 1, Quetta 1, and Chitral 1.

Edhi also offers related services including:

  • Child Adoption Center
  • Jhoolas (Baby Cradles)
  • Abandoned Children Welfare Centre

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