Rehabilitation Centers

Giving assistance to men without work, prospect or hope

The Edhi Foundation’s rehabilitation centers are thought to be the world’s largest, and provide a place to turn when people are at their lowest point in life.

Edhi Rehabilitation Centers treats about 4,500 addicts at any one time and is regularly overwhelmed by the number of heroine addicts, in Karachi where poverty and desperation is causing major a drug epidemic.

The Edhi Foundation offers addicts a free rehabilitation service and runs six centres in Karachi. Treatment is basic.

“We don’t have the resources or the funds for things like methadone,” explains Dr Ayaz Memom, the clinic’s lone medic. Instead the centre provides a drug-free environment.”

“There is pain for a few days, but it has to be done,” says Hussain, a recovering heroin addict staying in Edhi’s center. “God help me, the pain in my body will go away.”

Edhi Foundation offers a single lifeline for desperate people and is the only form of support for many addicts throughout Pakistan.

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